There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligner in the world. Our office is proud to be a certified provider of Invisalign clear aligners, which give you a clear, convenient, and comfortable option to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Invisalign is a modern alternative to traditional metal braces, using a series of clear and removable aligners to shift your teeth into the desired position gradually. You must wear these aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day, only removing them to eat, drink, brush and floss. This means you can still enjoy all your favorite foods without worrying about getting food stuck in your braces.

What Is Invisalign and How Does It Work?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment using clear aligners to gradually shift teeth into their desired position. These custom-made aligners are made from virtually invisible plastic, making them a popular choice for those looking to straighten their teeth without metals and brackets in their mouth. 

The process starts with a consultation with an Invisalign provider, who will assess your oral health and determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment. If approved, your orthodontist will take digital impressions of your teeth to create a 3D image that will be used to design the aligners.

Once the aligners are ready, the provider will give you a series of aligners to wear for about one or two weeks each, gradually moving your teeth into the desired position. The number of aligners required will vary depending on the severity of misalignment and treatment goals.

Invisalign Vs. Braces


 Unlike metal braces, which people may find unappealing and cause insecurities, Invisalign aligners are clear and practically invisible. It makes them the right choice for people who are self-conscious about wearing braces.


Invisalign aligners comprise smooth and comfortable material, unlike metal braces that irritate and cause discomfort to the gums and cheeks. It means you can have your teeth straightened without experiencing any pain or irritation.


You can remove your Invisalign aligners when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. It eliminates the hassle of food getting stuck in your braces and the difficulty of maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Shorter Treatment Time

With weekly aligner changes, Invisalign can straighten your teeth faster than two-week changes.


Invisalign aligners are designed using advanced technology and customized for each individual's unique dental needs. It can effectively treat a wide range of orthodontic issues, from simple to complex cases.

Better Fit

Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly, ensuring a comfortable and precise treatment. This can result in better treatment outcomes compared to traditional braces.

Our Invisalign Treatment Process

1. Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your orthodontic needs and evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

2. Creating a Custom Treatment Plan

We will use an advanced scanner such as the iTero® digital scanning system to create fast, precise 3D digital images of your teeth. Then, we will map out a precise treatment plan, including the exact movements of your teeth and how long your treatment will be. You’ll see how your teeth move and preview your new smile.

3. Creating Your Custom Invisalign Clear Aligners

Based on your treatment plan, a series of custom-made, clear aligners will be created specifically for you. Each set of aligners is different and designed to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position.

4. Wearing of Aligners and Follow-Up Appointments

As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth will gently and gradually shift into place. We recommend wearing a new set of aligners every week and scheduling checkups every six weeks.

5. Retainers

Once your treatment is complete, we recommend wearing retainers to help maintain the new position of your teeth. This ensures long-lasting results and prevents any shifting that may occur over time.

Basic Tips for Maintaining Your Invisalign

  • Gentle Cleaning Daily. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and lukewarm water to gently brush your Invisalign aligners daily.
  • Rinse After Eating. Whenever you remove your aligners to eat, rinse them under lukewarm water before placing them back in your mouth.
  • Nightly Soak. To keep your aligners fresh, soak them in a denture cleaner or a specially-made Invisalign cleaning solution for 15 to 30 minutes. After soaking, gently brush them with a soft-bristled brush and rinse thoroughly.
  • Avoid Heat. Invisalign aligners are sensitive to heat, so keep them away from hot drinks or sunlight, as high temperatures can warp them.
  • Keep them Safe. Always store your aligners in their case when not in use to protect them from damage or loss.

Get Your Invisalign Aligners at Washington Orthodontics

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