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SureSmile Aligners

Did you know that achieving straight and healthy teeth can positively impact your oral health and boost your confidence? At Washington Orthodontics in Columbia, SC, we are dedicated to providing top-notch orthodontic care using state-of-the-art SureSmile Aligners.

Our focus on precision orthodontics assures that each treatment plan is tailored to meet our patient’s unique needs, leading to beautiful smiles and optimal oral health.

SureSmile Aligners

What Are SureSmile Aligners?

SureSmile Aligners is a revolutionary solution designed to help perfect your smile. These custom-made, clear aligners subtly and gently adjust your teeth to their correct positions. Unlike traditional braces, SureSmile Aligners are virtually invisible, offering a seamless integration with your everyday life. They provide much-needed convenience as they are removable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals without any hindrance.

Moreover, they require fewer dental visits, making them a perfect option for busy lifestyles. Surely, the flexibility and comfort provided by SureSmile Aligners are setting a new standard in orthodontics.

What Are the Benefits of SureSmile Aligners in Columbia, SC?

Discreet Appearance

SureSmile Aligners, a highly sought-after treatment option in cosmetic dentistry, are uniquely designed to be virtually unseen. This provides an aesthetic edge over traditional braces, allowing you to straighten your teeth subtly without drawing unwanted attention or impacting your self-esteem. You can confidently strive for straight teeth without compromising on your appearance.


Complementing their discreet aesthetic, the design of SureSmile Aligners also offers a significant comfort advantage over other dental treatments like traditional braces. Without the metal brackets and wires that are characteristic of conventional braces, there’s less risk of irritation to your gums or the insides of your mouth. This smooth design contributes to comfortable daily wear and improved dental care, reducing potential discomfort linked to orthodontic interventions.


With SureSmile Aligners, convenience takes on a whole new level. Not only can you continue your day-to-day activities without hindrance, but removing your aligners for easy cleaning or during meals is a breeze. It gets rid of any dietary restrictions and optimizes dental hygiene throughout the treatment. No more worries about food getting stuck in brackets or wires, which commonly lead to tooth decay!

Quick Results

In the fast-paced world of dental treatments, SureSmile Aligners distinguish themselves with their potential to yield faster results. This one-of-its-kind technology certifies that your desire for straight teeth isn’t just a dream for the distant future.

These aligners help direct your teeth to their correct position more swiftly than other methods. This reduces the duration of your dental office visits and, more importantly, gets you closer to your goal of a healthy smile faster than you’ve imagined.

Consistent Pressure

What sets SureSmile Aligners apart is their continuous application of pressure on your teeth. Unlike traditional braces that need tightening during dental office visits, these aligners progress your treatment by slowly but constantly shifting your teeth to the desired position. This means that your path to straight teeth is ongoing, whether you’re eating or sleeping.

Oral Health

SureSmile Aligners play a crucial part in maintaining oral health during the treatment period. Thanks to the removable design of these aligners, your regular dental care routine can continue unhindered. Just take off the aligners to brush and floss as usual, aiding in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

As a bonus, by aligning your teeth correctly, SureSmile Aligners also act as a preventive measure against future dental issues like decay and gum disease, contributing to a lasting healthy smile.

Why Get SureSmile Aligners in Columbia, SC, From Us?

Experienced Orthodontic Care

At Washington Orthodontics, we have vast experience providing orthodontic treatments in South Carolina. Our skilled dentist utilizes their experience to make sure that each of our patients receives the best dental procedure outcomes, particularly when using SureSmile Aligners. Our understanding of traditional orthodontics coupled with revolutionary technology assures optimal results.

Tailored Treatments

Our approach to getting your natural teeth in the proper position is different and personalized. We consider your lifestyle, specific oral condition, and individual needs when devising SureSmile treatment plans. This focus on customization supports delivering excellent treatment and achieving the desired facial appearance.

Advanced Technology

By leveraging advanced technology, we create SureSmile Aligners designed to provide highly accurate results and significantly shorter treatment times. Our exquisite diagnostics enable us to develop a precise 3D model of your mouth, providing an individualized, efficient dental procedure and treatment trajectory.

Comfort and Aesthetics

Comfort and the aesthetics of your smile are our priorities. Constructed from clear, smooth plastic, SureSmile Aligners offer a comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces, reducing irritation to the gums and cheeks. Their transparent aspect allows for a discreet transformation of your smile, minimizing the visible impact often associated with crooked teeth correction.

Convenience and Flexibility

Unlike traditional metal braces, which can capture food particles and present cleaning challenges, SureSmile Aligners are removable. This feature offers flexibility by allowing unrestricted eating, efficient dental cleaning, and the option to remove your aligners for special events. This innovative approach to braces treatment ensures that your journey to a perfect smile is not only effective but also convenient.

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Regarding achieving a beautiful smile and optimal oral health, Washington Orthodontics is your trusted partner in Columbia, SC. Our commitment to using SureSmile Aligners and providing top-tier orthodontic and dental services sets us apart as a leading practice in the region. 

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SureSmile Aligners